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Living With Terminal Stockholm Syndrome: A Chronicle
16th-Jul-2012 08:38 pm - JFC!!!!! O.O
yeah some fucker on fb just linked to this site http://www.popthatzit.com

dont click that link if your sensative


ESPECIALY dont click that one!!! i hope that guy was knocked out when they started digging in to him!!! D:

wow omfg
14th-Jul-2012 10:16 am(no subject)
space hopper!
uuuurrrgh still receovering!!! it was the rolling stones 50 yr anniversary of there 1st gig the other day (!!! 50 YEARS WTF) and trash palace was doing a stones night so i met up with some people there, jfc my ears are still ringing!! i am getting well weak in my old age, i never use to get hangovers and now i am fuckin rough for like 3 days after i drink, its shit :(

going to see magic mike now ON MY OWN like a billy no mates cos i aint even gonna bother askign Lindsays cos he will only sneer anyway

11th-Jul-2012 12:30 am(no subject)
princess corset
some pics from pride!!! just to prove it never actualy rained ALL weekend :| (only like 94% of it)

i got fit matesCollapse )

i been all blah about work lately :/ just cos rebeccas on holiday so i aint doing no businessy stuff or meetings or nothing cos i dont like doing that without her and i dont like beign in my studio neither cos normaly she is there having a go at me about something and now its dead quiet and i cant work when its quiet, i cant get yasmin or june to keep me company cos its busy downstairs so its just like ............ so gonna work from home for a bit and get under Lindsays feet just til rebeccas back. i am actualy well busy cos i got a fuck ton of comissions to work on, i just aint realy in the mood for nothing. i dont like it when its dead sunny all the time but this bullshit weather is just making me feel miserable all the time and i cant focus :(
3rd-Jul-2012 12:22 am(no subject)
i am actualy fuckin shitting myself cos i just read a scary story on a link someone sent me, how lame is that??? but i mean seriosly like Lindsays in bed and i am here in the living room in my pants and tshirt and its cold and i am knackered and scared and i want to go to bed where its warm and theres someone with magical cuddle arms what make all the monsters go away

but i cant move out the living room cos if i turn my back to the telly its going to come on i fuckin know it and i am actualy going to cry in a minute

cos that fuckin stupid story i swear it actualy sounds familiar, i mean not like ALL of it but enough to make all my skin crawl off my bones and go creepign across the floor


i hate this house theres noises in it

ps dont read that story

i am actualy having a nervous breakdown not even lieing, Lindsays going to be pissed if i start yelling for him like somethings on fire but jfc i never been this fuckin creeped out in my whole life before not even when i seen fern cottons camel toe up close

17th-Jun-2012 09:40 am(no subject)
haha drunk o.O
everythings happenings and i should be posting about it but too busy DOING IT!!!! seen sasha and the boys 2 nights running at the o2 and did a little cry like a proud dad as if its anything to do with me hahah, i never posted when i got for her birthday too its this which i HOPE is pride of place in her living room by now :P also some dresses cos duh. ummm other tahn that mostly been doing a whole shit load of meetings which sucks arse, i thought thats what i hired rebecca for so she could do all the donkey work and let me paint watercolours and sew dresses instead but aparently not. well i spose it makes sense, i tryed to make her do meetings without me but she just keeps ringing me up mid meeting to check what i want to do and let me know whats she is negosiating or whatever so i might as well be there. SIGHHH being a grown up SUCKS, nobody ever try and do your own business cos its a pain in the ring. i just wanna make things and be famous ;) not sit in some stuffy room while people tell me all the ways they want to rip me off. at least i can wear what i fuckin want, i started off wearing suits and shit and tryign to be all professional then i got BORED and just turned up in skinnies and cowboy boots and they dont brown nose me any less so i rolled straight into a breakfast meeting yesterday in full marie antoinette meets siouxsie sioux drag cos i went out in princess friday night after i seen hawksley workman and yeah people dont even look twice. ecentric artist ;) i am curious now how far it can push it before people go ok you freak i aint doing business with you no more, i might turn up in a borat mankini or something next time and a diving helmet!!! hawksley workman was fuckin amazing btw, he sung woman in love and i nearly died then after the show we talked about david bowie cos he seen my sweet head tattoo and said it was cool (!!!!), i told him autumns here and ice age both make me think of bowie loads, there like rock n roll suicide the way they build up from nothign, and he looked well happy and said thanks man thats the 1st album i ever bought so that was good cos i realised half way through saying it that it could of sounded like i was going ffs hawksley your just ripping off david bowie and that aint what i meant. UNFFF he is so fit i could die, he lost loads of weight now he is just pure sex i swear to god i nearly swallowed my tongue o.O this is like the...... 8th time i seen him i think?? 8 or 9 i cant remember. ITS NEVER ENOUGH. hahaha then in princess there was a massive bitch fight cos someone said someone else was shagging there bf then they started rolling round the dance floor pulling each others wigs off, it was brill. and tess marched in and dragged them both outside and she was like go down charlies if you just want to fight cos thats where all the guttersnipes go and everyone was like lmao tess that was cool and everything but who says guttersnipes nowadays??? she is losing weight too, proper megababe now, she is going to look ace in my london pride costumes. obvs doing theme this year for whats going on with the royal stuff and olympics so dressing her up like brittannia, it looks amazing I CANNOT WAIT

umm yesterday was weird cos we was having this breakfast meeting in shoreditch and this scruffy man come in with another guy and nobody looked twice cos they was just normal people then when i finally DID look twice it was only david lachapelle?! so i was like......... ok i am dressed up like a toilet roll holder dolly, to most people i look like a fuckin prick but his muse is amanda lepore so prob safe to say hi...?!! so i just said dead cool like hey i love your work and went to get more drinks like oh yeah its well normal me comign out for coffee and croissants wearing paniers and a fuckin big hat then by the time i got back to our table he was chatting to rebecca hahahah she well looked pissed off her face was like :| he is in london doign more stuff with florence ♥ so network network network i want to tick her off my to do list cos i hung out with her in glasto that time but she aint never worn my clothes. LETS SEE HOW IT GOES. he was nice, bit weird but he prob thought the same about me so its all cool. he just looks like a nobody though hahaha like how peter jacksons just some scruffy bastard what dont even look like a billionaire genius

then junes birthday bash last night!!! :D tbh i dont remember a whole lot, i am pretty sure all my mates seen my bollocks now though so............... i can only apologise and offer bleach for your eyes and promise next time theres truth and dare i will sit the game out D: gonna drink a vat of coffee now (hope everyones heads ok haha) then i aint realy fit to drive still so leavign my car here and getting the train back to cambs cos i feel like i aint seen Lindsay in forever and its giving me panic rash

5th-Jun-2012 11:50 am(no subject)
so i went to taht concert outside the palace last night and met gary barlow so i can die happy :P its cos of that stuff i been doing for princess eugenie, she pulled some strings and got me a staff pass lmao even though she wouldnt wear one of my dresses. idk why all them royals her age have to dress like there 45, its stupid and it aint flattering on her at all. poor love aint exacly an oil painting is she. oh well its her choice and just wait til next time she has to wear an evening dress cos BOOM your mind will be blown you wont even care her face looks like the back end of a cow. the concert was a bit shit tbh (seriously like the queen gives a fuck about jls???) but yeeaahh GRACE JONES LET ME HAVE A GO ON HER HULA HOOP. she is fuckin terrifying, i am scared to death of her but she made her pa write my number down so something cool might happen, who knows. it was dead funny i was just sort of hanging about in peoples way trying to look like i was meant to be there then fuckin ELTON JOHN went past in a pink glitter jacket and i done a little swoon (choked on my bacardi and tripped over my own feet) then out of nowhere acompanied by angel choirs and and rainbows gary barlows hand was suddenly on my arm stoppign me from falling over and he said you alright mate and i said yeah mate. i think we connected :P sadly i had my take that and party album tshirt on from 1992 so i looked like a stalker bastard but oh well at least i never tryed to tongue him or nothing and it did make him laugh so....... semi sucess?? he seen it and he was like my god what the hell are you wearing and he was proper laughing so WHATEVER. i got skin on skin contact and i made him laugh, nothing else in the world matters no more not even that he prob thinks i am some twat what only likes him since x factor when actualy i seen his band like 20 times and my 1st ever concert was them at earls court in 1994 when i was 6 so DONT JUDGE ME GARY YOU DONT KNOW NOTHING

poor queen i feel dead bad for her :( all this bullshit people keep making her go to and she proper dont give a fuck about none of it, as if she wants to stand in the rain for 17 hours watching some boats go down the river or as if she wants to have 70 thousand people screaming out side her house watching cliff richard do dad dancing. you knwo what i bet the queens thinking every time its an aniversary like this?? "come on 70 thousand people, remind me all together how this is 60 years since i got a job i only got cos my dad died when i werent even in the country to say goodbye" like its nice having fun and shit but come on, she is old as fuck, she just wants a cup of tea and an early night. i love her, i use to have posters of her on my bedroom wall!! not cos i am some mental royalist or nothing just she was so pretty she looked like a film star *_* and she used to wear all them beautiful dresses and shit loads of diamonds unfff. yeah i was always a wannabe princess even when i was like 8 -_-

back in cambs since last night, i cba doing no work today, the shop runs itself and i can work at home if i feel like it. i been doing that loads more lately, i dont NEED to be in london unless i got meetings and shit. its nice getting more time with Lindsay :)

hope everyones ok and i see you all at the weekend!!!! xx
18th-May-2012 10:29 pm(no subject)
well yesterday donna summer died and harry judd got engaged. my life is pretty miserable atm.
9th-May-2012 11:50 pm(no subject)
so i aint even logged in here FOREVER and i cant be arsed catching up, no offence :P you bitches talk too much, anyway i still been seeing people off line so idk..... if theres anything on here i missed then link me?? just dont bother if we been talking irl anyway hahah

vidal sassoon just died!!! its well sad, what a legend <3 i might cut my hair now in some kind of half arsed tribute cos i need it anyway, its dead long now, i mean like past my shoulders again o.O

KBOOM. that shit grows like weeds, i am just glad my boy bits hair dont grow that fast or i would have to wear it in a bun to walk. lmfao or plait it, my own built in skipping rope.

umm ok so proper update, whats been happening. this personal trainer bullshit aint working, out, that woman was a fuckin COW. idk why i keep paying angry butch women to yell at me when i can get it at home for free from someone whose actualy MEANT to have the facial hair. i sacked her cos she was a mental and i aint lifting no weights or none of that shit else my arms wont fit in my princess costumes :( but i still been running loads and its actualy started being FUN now, i dont even care it aint stopped raining for like 2 solid months, i still go splashing round in the mud like forced yr 9 pe lessons only now its cos i want to not cos i have to and thats why its different. i aint trying to bulk up or nothign (cos lmao can you IMAGINE) just get a bit healthier. broccolli can still fuck off though, i would rather run 20 miles in the pissing rain than eat 1 piece of broccolli, its like hell disguised as a small tree

quite exciting (drumroll) i am opening another shop!! in edinburgh haha cos frankly anyone north of there wouldnt be seen dead in clothes what aint a polyster pac a mac so there aint no point trying to sell nice things to them, if we got the place in ldn and somewhere as north as poss like edinburgh thats covering the country pretty well, next up conquer paris ;) but thats a while off yet. so me and rebecca been up in scotland this week ogling the builders bums while they fix the place up and doing interviews for people to run it cos theres NO WAY i am staying up there any longer than i have to, edinburghs dead nice and everything but seriously cambridge is too far north for me and its only like 1 hour from london!!! i get panic rash going any norther than..... hackney XD UGH though this girl we seen on monday, what a fuckin loon. her name on her cv was Mily so i said to her when she come in do you say that like miley or milly and she said back dead snotty like i was some kind of idiot ACTUALY its pronounced EM-ily so i was like gtfo out of my shop. back home now, i cant handle it no more haha. i left rebecca to sort it which on second thoughts is prob a shit idea cos now its going to end up getting run by angry feminists in lesbian shoes if she gets final say -_- too knackered to care though, anyway i missed Lindsay

so yeah everythings going on, its all work work work work and trying to get some kind of reputation. i feel like i should be well more famous tahn i am by now but nobody actualy gives a shit!!!! oh well, better underground than mainstream innit :/

Lindsay is still resisting all my suggestions for boats and pet iguanas. total spoil sport. lets gang up on him :P next party can be on our yacht!!!
9th-Apr-2012 04:48 pm - hmmm
i liked the hunger games when i seen it then i just finished re reading the book for the first time in like 3 years and now i fuckin hate it, wtf is wrong with people totaly screwing up good books?? i forgot it was so good. like when they shat all over the golden compass, at least they never bothered filming the other 2 books then. it still looked ace and lenny kravitz can get inside me any time he wants but jfc if your not going to include whats in the book then DONT ADAPT THE BOOK, write your own story's >:( how come there werent no blood in it?! int he book its like endless misery and shit and thats the whole point, in the film the arena dont look no worse than scout camp!! you cant let kids read books that brutal then totaly water tehm down for the film, like its going to fuck a kid up more seeing someone with fake blood painted on than it is having to use there imgination about a boy getting eaten to death by mutant wolf people and it takes a whole night for him to die. ps i aint even being blood thirsty or whatever, the gore aint why the books so good, just you need the gore and all the shit for the good stuff to work, if you aint got the contrast between hell and being saved then wtf is the point of trying to care. i am never ever wathcing another film ever again.

although it will always make me laugh you know you get smushed together romance names like brangelina or whatever, with katniss and peeta it can only ever be peeniss or katpee :D

now excuse me i am going to smash my tv in with a hammer and use it as extra shelf space for all my ace KIDS BOOKS what are better than any wanky boring bullshit ever wrote for grown ups
8th-Apr-2012 12:20 pm(no subject)
LMAO did you see the boat race?! HAHAHA taht mad bastard in the water, they should of just battered his head in with there oars!! obvs its a big deal round here, all these posh twats complaining about there race getting ruined, stfu cos you still won didnt you??? realy i have just had enough of ALL SPORTS between this and the fuckin olympics all up in your face 24/7 also me being bullied by yet another mad woman i pay (my personal trainers name is ZENA by the way lmao like the warrior princess but spelled different also she looks like a dog) its working though even though its knackering. being healthy for the 1st time in your life makes your skin looks ace!!! although that could be the collonnic cos tbh that does the job as well you glow like a light bulb when you get your dirty poison bits flushed out :P i been swimming loads, it makes me want to kill my self less than endless running. if it ever gets warm again i might go all hardcore and start swimming in our bit of river, tbh its prob cleaner than pools with mingin little bastards pissing in the water, i seen a woman get out the pool last week with a little bit of blood on her cossie and it nearly gave me a proper panic attack DDD: i werent LOOKING at her crotch or nothign just i seen it by acident when she was getting out the pool, omfg i almost needed rescueing byt he lifeguard but that was a lady too and i think i might of actualy started crying if any naked lady limbs come anywhere near me right then. UUUURGHH. we need a pool again, we use to have one in france. nice and quiet and PRIVATE, no plebs alowed :P

anyway yeah thats whats been going on, so fuckin knackered between working and working out i aint had much time for nothing else. well ok a bit of strategic partying ;) i got hello kisses off the love of my life tom ford (sorry for the people what heard this story 21879632413728 times already) and he remembered my name from last time so it was the best best best day ever even tho rebecca was my arm candy for the night (lmfao) and kept tellign me off for dancing too enthusiasticly, excuse me for having FUN at a PARTY!!! other than that....... not much at all. SASHA though omg <333 we well need a dog now, Lindsays sadface looks like a bassett hound so i think we should get one of them and cut out the in between years before dog and owner start looking like twins :P
20th-Mar-2012 10:16 pm(no subject)
haha Lindsay :D
hahah i done a photo shoot for attitude yesterday and it was wicked. aint doing an interview til later in the week i think on thurs but got to check it, we just done the photos yesterday. it only took like 20mins, i was in hair and make up well longer than the shoot!! i compromised with rebecca (i feel like thats all i ever do, compromise with my miserable fuckin underlings who's opinions dont actualy matter so idek why i cave in) and i am going to say what i want about princess but my pics are normal me. but if they JUST HAPPEN to go on my facebook or tess website and find a photo of me on stage in costume than that aint my fault is it ;)

lmaoCollapse )

that aint the one they are using on the article i dont think but its my fave cos you can see my amazing coat better :P i been getting jeered at in the street by yobbo's for wearing that!!! lmfao fuckin little arseholes, like i need fashion advice from a pustule in trackies and gold chains?! i love it and i KNOW its ugly, thats the POINT. its better people saying jfc what is that cunt wearing than not noticeing you at all cos you look like everyone else, i would rather get my head kicked in than be ignored. fml it made me realise i have to go back on a diet though, my thighs are like ann widdecombe!! D: so today i skived off my finance meeting cos i couldnt be arsed and i joined a gym lmao, this will prob last as long as the other times i joined gyms but lets see. i got a personal trainer whos a proper tough bitch, she seems dead nice just she wont let people get away with no shit on her watch so she is doing me an eating plan and a fitness plan :( wtf am i doing. just if i am getting in magazines now i dont want to be fat elvis again like i was in france cos that much gut flabbing over the top of your skinnies should be a hanging crime. NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS but should be worth it as long as she dont make me get muscles and sticky out veins cos thats even worse than fat!!

haha ME ME ME ME stfu pip you self obsessed prick

its dead nice weather lately, its like proper summer!! i should cancel the gym bullshit and just go running instead, i can run well fast for ages, i got loads of practice when i was growing up wearing clothes like that in dalston :P i think me and Lindsay should buy a boat, the river goes right past the end of our garden. or a dog.
18th-Mar-2012 12:04 pm(no subject)
haha drunk o.O
mega fuckin drama, wtf is wrong with people??? i mean glad its over and tehy caught the fucker hassling june and everything but jfc cant believe they left it so long, the police round here dont give a shit about nothing, its been the same for years :/ hope she sues the bastards and gets rich!!! they need to liek do an investigation or SOMETHING cos that aint on, they could of stopped it ages ago :|

nothing much else is going on, just work work work like always. dajve come round for a sleepover the other night, its dead nice just hanging out beign normal sometimes instead of partying. theres a place for sale like a mile away hint hint hint :P haha cambs aint the best place for a holiday home though, if its close enough to commute it dont count as holiday

got meetings most of tommorrow so wont be doing no proper hands on work, doign a bit of sewing today in front of shit sunday telly while Lindsays cooking roast dinner <3 hahah i never knew they done nigerian idol, its dead funny!!! little house on the prairie is on now omg i cant find the remote D: it makes me think of my grandads girlfriend she use to LOVE IT so if i went round there house on sundays she was always watching it and my grandad would be there like >:( face cos its so fuckin beige and boring and proper racist as well!!! but mostly boring and thats the worst crime ever, there aint no excuse for BORING SHIT and it aint fair anyway how they make that little dog run all the way from wisconsin to kansas and dont let him in the waggon :( plus jesus christ thats a fuckin ugly kid o.O AAAAAHHHHHHHHH MAKE IT GO AWAY

ok i just unplugged the tv out the wall cos i couldnt find the remote. playing mario 3 instead!! http://nintendo8.com/game/314/super_mario_brothers_3
11th-Mar-2012 08:03 pm(no subject)
ok so matthew todd HIMSELF rung me up the other day wanting an interview in attitude o.O :D which obvs is brill and i been reading that since i was like 15 (or actualy since i was about 9 and i found one in the bin in the park lmao all sweaty palms hiding in the climbing frame so my mum couldnt see i was looking at mens chests) but rebeccas like :| cos she cant get off her fuckin bitch fit about me wearing dresses sometimes and thats kind of what they want to talk about, she says like she dont care what i do but it aint good for the brand?! so i was like put up with it or fuck off then cos i have had enough of her being a miserable cow all the time. i aint a brand, this is my LIFE and if it aint good enough or non embarresing enough for her then she can piss off and go and work for some beige bastard in an office. like anyone even gives a shit anyway, if people have got a problem with the rare as unicorns reality of a fashion designer whos gay (GASP) then i dont want them in my gear anyway, theres plenty of people what dont give a fuck and they are the ones buying me out of everythig. so nyeah :P idk whats going on realy, i like her when she is being nice to me and she is dead good at basicaly running my life, i dont think she is being a prick on purpose or nothing i dont think she is bothered who people sleep with, just i spose she is used to working in businesses where something like wearing heels and doing cher karaoke will ruin your career :/ i wish she would get over it tho its actualy doing my head in, its getting like i dont even want to be in a room with her no more cos i keep getting self conscious cos theres paint on my nails and stuff :( idk

anyway angst aside it was a proper chill out weekend, i mean Lindsay is working his arse off like a gcse kid so thats kind of shit but its nice being at home with him even if we aint doing nothing or talking much, i can play the house wife and bring him books and cups of tea and stuff ;) been drawing loads all weekend cos i am doing pride costumes again for princess for summer so thats ace, theres even more feathers and bling than normal cos i was in a pissy mood with rebecca :P its gb/olympic theme obvs (yawn) so i am dressing tess up like britannia like with a chariot and everything, its going to be GENIUS. yasmin says dress some of the others up like ponies in front of the chariot to REALY piss rebecca off so obvs now i have to HAHAHA http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=1985 might be a bit much for the parade but just to watch her eyes bulge lmfao

in other news:

6 mind-blowing ways poop created the modern world
4th-Mar-2012 09:51 pm(no subject)
haha Lindsay :D
this was actualy the best weekend ever <3 i mean i didnt get an iguana like i asked for but it was still pretty good, Lindsay done me a promise he would do everything i wanted ALL WEEKEND so obvs i took advantage ;) thank you everyone who come to my party and Lindsay for organising it BEHIND MY BACK!! we stayed in ldn friday night and done lazy hangover saturday breakfast in bed, done some shopping sat afternoon and went out for pizza hut dinner and he didnt even complain, he looked a bit in pain but oh well it aint no worse than my pain every time we go a place where rich fuckers are slurping oysters D: drove back to cambs and i thought well this offer dont happen that often so sat night i made him let me draw him like jack and rose LMFAO with my liz taylor ring on a chain round his neck, it took nearly a whole bottle of whiskey to make him get his kecks off but he did it in the end hahahah. i prob shouldnt be saying this on the internet XD oh well as long as i dont post the pic hey. gonna do an oil from it i think like double life size and hang it in my studio cos rebecca will fuckin FLIP. this morning it was pissing down rain but i dont care, we put anoraks on like the country wankers we are and walked for ages down the river what runs past our place, we found this little old abandoned farmhourse about 4 miles down river and its so cool its in pretty good nick but theres tiles missing etc from the roof and broken windows so when your inside its dead dark exept all these bits of sunlight coming through, it looks amazing. i want to do a photo shoot there but idk who owns it, i prob need permission or whatever. i nearly shat myself hahah cos we must of disturbed a bird or something cos it started flapping in the chimney and i was like D: THE GHOST FROM OUR HOUSE FOLLOWED US but no it was just a bird (i think.....!!!) ummmm walked back home, i got a piggy back some of the way cos i was whining haha, had a bubble bath then we just sat round in pjs the rest of today and its been brill, we made soup (onions and potato and fried bacon and chicken stock and grated cheddar omfg best thing ever but so fatty D: can only eat it on my birthday weekend else i will turn into a whale again like in france) and played nintendo mario 3 :D which btw Lindsay is SHIT at, i can complete it in like 20mins cos i know where the warp whistles are but he gets all annoyed cos he dont know where nothings hidden hahah, then we played xbox kinect dance which he huffed about but MY BIRTHDAY MY RULES, anyway he is that competative he got dead into it after a while and took it well serious XD and actualy he is quite good!!! i bet he plays it when i am out ;) worn himself out though, we put the sting dvd on and snuggled under blankets and he fell asleep, he is dead cute when he is sleeping <3 i dont want to move and wake him up so just tryign to type dead quiet. best birthday ever, we are such a fuckin boring old non married couple but i dont even care, i love it <3 he is the best in the world x

back to real life tommorrow, i dont want to go back to work D:
27th-Feb-2012 07:44 pm(no subject)
knees up
finally getting a chance to update!!! thank you everyone who come to my things :D and or said nice things, it went better than expected!! usualy does to be fair, i need to stop freaking out all the time when i dont need to it just gets weird sometimes, i been getting by on like 3 hours sleep and it fucks with my head cos i need about 9 haha else i go mental. we done a wicked photo shoot the morning before my 1st show for the sunday times style mag!!! i been in there before but only like half a column saying keep an eye on this guy cos he might be intresting, now i get like a whole spread and i done an interview, i bet i sound like a prick though cos i had to talk to the woman when i was spazing and i bet i dont hardly make any sense :/ oh well. pics are here anyway Read more...Collapse )

i been wearing my boner tshirt constantly hahah, its almost sold out already!! thats quite cool. rebeccas been having a go at me all the time cos i keep wearing my dresses out in public on nights out and she gets all like :| face saying its giving the wrong impression and i am like.....??? what wrong impressions that then?? that i been dressing like a girl ocassionally and goign to princess since 2005?? that aint a wrong impression and i dont care what people think, john gallianos a racist dope and it dont mean people dont think he is still a genius, like anybody cares if i wear dresses. she keeps going like but your doing well now you dont need another job in a bar which is missing the point, i aint doing it cos i NEED to i do it cos i WANT to, the first time anybody ever told me i was realy realy good at this shit was when i first started going to princess when i was 17 bodging my own dresses at home and people kept wanting to know where i got them from them i started making costumes for the cabaret cos tess asked me, i probably wouldnt be doing this if i never started out there so she can fuck off if the thinks i am dumping them now everyone else is paying atention too. so what if some prat with a camera takes pics of me going through soho at 3am in a dress, its good publicity for one and also i look fuckin good in a dress so shove your jealousy up your bum. stupid cow she is SUCH a killjoy sometimes. i cant wear my guys clothes i just look like a prick, suits dont suit me. i like playing pretend, DEAL WITH IT. if people dont like it then tough shit, they can do there shopping somewhere else and we will all be happy.

ummm i am going to stop being such a bullshit mate now and actualy start talkign to people again......!! hope everyones ok, thigns are a bit calmer now so txt me if your free any time and we can do something. its my birthday this friday!!!!! so idk if Lindsays planning something romantic (lmfao i aint holding my breath :P) but on friday or saturday depending i am paying the bar bill at princess for everyone so come and dance like retards with me to celebrate, you dont have to wear dresses but you do have to bring pressies PLURAL xxxxxxxxxx
19th-Feb-2012 01:17 pm(no subject)
actualy having a breakdown -_- its going to be ok at like 8 o clock tonight when its OVER and i can get wankered and go to sleep but atm this is not fun, you do this shit cos you think its got to be better tahn working in sainsburys or something but actualy this much fuckin PRESSURE aint nothing no sane person would ever choose on purpose, its so fuckin stupid. like it even matters. theres millions of people dehydrating to death in the world and here we are looking at skeletons in weird dresses and telling rich people thats what there suposed to look like. this is a fuckin stupid job, when i think i got acepted for a fine art degree at the ruskin school in oxford and i said no thanks i want to do fashion it makes me want to stamp on my own face. IDIOT. i only done it to piss off my dad. omg i hate my job this is the worst day ever >.< i mean i LIKE drawing and making stuff and dressing people up like dolly's, i just cant stand everyone taking it so fuckin SERIOUSLY like its life and death, get a grip!!! its going kind of ok to be fair, we done a tiny preview show the other night for the press cos not enough people were after tix for my main shows :| and they are saying dead nice things so shouldnt realy complain

"Looking at great beauty on the catwalk, you inevitably have to ask the perennial 'wearable' question. But when a woman walks into a room in a Philip Valentine dress, she is making a present to everyone in that room, for fashion is a gift not just to the wearer but the visual aesthetic of our surroundings."

?!?!?!! who even talks like that!?!?! i mean thanks very much, and i keep seeing my name on twitter now and its making me lmao. but seriously everyone is such a kiss arse i am going out of my mind!! it was bad enough in college but this is taking the piss. and its all kind of fake :/ i dont like being called philip valentine, thats my dads name. i mean its kind of funny linking his name to all this cos he must HATE IT if he hears about it and thats worth everything. its not my name though, nobody calls me that. me and rebecca done a compromise i could say pip valentine for my website address but i have to use my proper name for ~*~official~*~ stuff like the actual name of the brand and whatever cos a pip is the bit you throw in the bin when your eating an apple. i spose it does sound more official and whatever. it just weirds me out. and every tiem i do an interview they keep bringing up when i got kidnapped trying to make me talk about it and i am like NO WAY i do NOT want to discuss that but they keep pushing, it aint so bad in written interviews cos rebeccas telling them before it even starts i will talk abotu anything in the world exept that but some bint off the tv shoved a microphone in my face the other night and she was like blah blah kidnap and my brain dont work that fast :( i was just like .............. pulling awkward faces looking like a div on telly, i seen it on youtube and i look like i just smelled someones fart, i told her i have moved on from everything whats ever happened to me up until now and my whole past is irelevant to my work and not up for discussion but she just kept fuckin PUSHING like wah wah did the trauma of your perilous kidnap at gunpoint affect your outlook on life blah blah. ?!?! i was like my fist in your mush is gonna affect your outlook on life in a minute you pushy fuckin cunt NO MEANS NO. but i never said it cos rebecca bundled me away. bodyguard ♥ she is basicaly hitler sometimes but she looks after me too, and she looks dead nice this weekend cos i made her some new suits and dresses and she let me do her hair x

Lindsays here now too <3 making me eat some lunch cos i aint ate nothing since yesterday breakfast i just been too busy or makign myself ill stressing out. trying to chill now for a bit, i cant look at nobody elses shows or i will actualy have a breakdown but rebeccas texting me sneaky photos haha. even when i try and chill out though i just feel like shit cos wtf am i doing in some fuckin posh gits place like this, you can get whiskey here for £925 a shot if you want. i belong in like pizza hut and wetherspoons, i just feel like a massive FAKE in Lindsays places like i might as well be tap dancing on the tables wearing a neon sign round my neck saying so. FAKE!!!!! COMES FROM SCUMBAG COUNCIL ESTATE IN DALSTON!!!! that and all this schmoozing and air kissing and pretend laughing at vips rubbish jokes when i am trying to do my idiot job omg i am having a panic attack

hope some people can make it later and hope it aint a total train wreck and it comes off ok, if people totaly hate it then say so cos there aint much worse than pity praise :/ i wish i was havign a good time, this should be fun. its just horrible :(
13th-Feb-2012 11:01 pm(no subject)
i am actualy going out of my mind, how come every fucker in the world wants to come and nosy round my shop when i aint got no staff?? its yasmins day off on mondays and she couldnt come in even thought it was an emergancy cos she had plans, june rung in sick and i fuckin hope its cancer cos if you stay at home with a hangover or a cold when its 4 days til fashion week that just aint on, thats all i got to say on it. so i been like tryign to keep the shop running AND trying to do my work, i only just got back home like 5mins ago. i mean london home, i am staying here til after the shows cos i aint got time for driving miles every day, i got shit to do and interviews and stuff and party's what aint actualy no fun now its all arse kissing and networking :/ wtf kind of life is this. yasmins back in tommorrow so thats going to help a bit, i should of just shut the shop but i cant afford to not let people in when theres all this publicity

i feel like i aint spoken to people in forever, i am kind of out of action for a bit D: but i hope everyones ok, gonna send rebecca round to everyone whose coming to my shows to give out passes cos i need to get that troll out of my face for a while, sorry to inflict her on everyone else :P

god this house is quiet, i miss Lindsay :(
5th-Feb-2012 11:18 pm(no subject)

i left that on the fridge this mornign when i went down the shops but it didn't work, serves me right for not saying please :(

i am basicaly having a nervous breakdown, i dont think i am in the right job honestly. i should just pack it all in and go full time at princess cos i am GOOD at naff cabaret and walking in heels and flirting with pervs, turns out i am shit at magazine interviews and making people take me seriosly and getting stuff done on schedule and making rebecca not yell at me all day. stupid bitch, whose paying whose wages?? i notice she aint dressing so much like a lesbian no more though so minor success, most days she even wears HEELS o.O i mean like not louboutin or nothing i reckon its still clarks but its better than them polio shoes she wore before!! and her hairs a bit longer and she is blow drying it all nice. i think she got some secret boyfriend she aint telling me about...... or she fancies june. LMFAO. maybe thats your creepy stalker babe D: i just threw up in my mouth a bit

anyway yeah, fml. and this aint even like begging for compliments or nothing cos i know i can make ok clothes its just all the rest of it i cant do, i wish i was back in college where nothing matters
2nd-Feb-2012 10:42 pm(no subject)
haha drunk o.O
i wish i had more to post about but i dont, its just work work work work work 25 hrs a day. ok some of that work is partying but its all networking innit. proper head down and get on with it time now though, i am still in my studio now :( and i cant leave yet cos i am right in the middle of stuff, if i leave now and come back to it then it wont be the same. gonna stick around a bit more and prob stay in the flat tonight all on my own *sad violins* i just dont fancy driving to cambs if its gonna be icy down all them little country roads, home for the weekend though <3

life aint that much fun atm, everyones in a shitty mood saying wank things they dont realy mean. can everyone just have a good sleep and say sorry to the relavant people and get back to normal?? your all fucking with my mojo, everything i do this week is shit. although i met duran duran last weekend and it pretty much made my life so cant really complain. rebecca is the BEST for organsing my party invites <33333333 for a woman what claims she hates party's she knows how to get me in some good ones :P xx

1 month til my birthday!!!! 24 lmao, i might as well be DEAD

http://www.thisdayinmusic.com/birthdayno1 on the day i was born the number 1 in the charts was i should be so lucky by kylie!!! in the uk anyway, in america it was father figure by george michael hahahaha (who feels old now :P)
22nd-Jan-2012 08:34 am - blah blah
haha drunk o.O
nyrCollapse )

What is your version of happily ever after?

no words needed :P and no lj cut either, everybodys day has now been improved x1000000000 by seeing this face

update on my haunted house, i stayed after all and i even slept in that bedroom. well i say SLEPT, maybe i dozed off like 4 times but i kept jumping back awake in a panic thinking there was someone standing by the window so now i feel rough, i look like shit!! i could prob scare off evil ghosts with my face atm haha. i cant settle, i feel all jumpy now :( gonna sleep in one of the spare rooms tonight, i am proper spooked!!! i never seen a ghost before!! i dont even believe in them but now i have to cos there aint no other explanation

#strange but true theme tune#

its fuckin windy today!!!!! i went out in the courtyard bit just now to pick up some plantpots what must of tipped over in the night (POLTERGEIST) and i nearly ended up in oz!! i want to GO OUT SOMEWHERE but i wouldnt want to be on the bike in this wind, thats how you end up smeared up the road like jam on toast. if lazyarse upstairs ever wakes up i think we should go out for a drive or something, wind dont hurt the cars

ok i just had this horrible morbid thought what if he aint actualy asleep, what if the ghosts murdered him?? :/ i aint going up there to check i am like freaking out in the kitchen right now
21st-Jan-2012 09:51 pm(no subject)
pen tash!!!
i think our house is haunted :/

i was looking through that cambridge photo album i done and i never noticed this before but look at the bedroom balcony

!?!?!???! D:

that aint me cos i was taking the photo and it aint Lindsay cos he was at the uni when i took it and there werent nobody else in the house. anyway its the wrong size for either one of us, its well too short. it cant be a kid though cos 1) like i said THERE WERENT NOBODY IN THE HOUSE, that was just after we moved in and we didnt have no visitors til a bit later and 2) the proportions all wrong, kids have got big heads compared to there body's, that just looks like a weird small person shape and its fuckin freaking me out, i aint sleeping in that room again til we get a priest in it!!!!! infact i aint sleeping in that HOUSE, i am taking lovecattt and mr bollo and driving back to london and if Lindsay wants to stay and get raped like barbara hershy in the entity then thats up to him

wheres richard felix when you need him!!
15th-Jan-2012 04:50 pm(no subject)
catchupCollapse )

cacking myself a bit about fashion week!!! its like..... a month away hahaha omg. i got a menswear show on weds 22nd and my main womenswear show on the sunday feb 19th so keep it free if you want a seat, i will try and get tix if anyones intrested :P they aint particulary good slots but oh well, its my first year and its still mental its happening AT ALL, nobody else from my year at college is showing ;) i mean a couple are working for other people now so there involved through that and theres 2 people doing jewelery and 1 doing hats but........ pft. fuck HATS, who cares about hats!!! i seen vince on monday, he come round the shop and it werent that busy so we just fucked aorund a bit and played dressing up haha then i had to fuckin BUY that prick a bonnie and clyde dvd and sit him down to watch it round his cos he never seen it?!?!?? wtf! god i love that film *_* and he seemed to like it too so ok, we can still be friends ;) i seen vic as well in the week cos we got new frames for the photo's from my last big college show and re hung them properly in better places cos theres HOPEFULLY goign to be a little bit of pubicity from fw right?? so more people nosying round the shop if everything goes ok, the pics look ace! like masisve gold national gallery type frames haha, all my mates are works of art ;)

so yeah, going to be busy busy busy for a while freaking out over this, i might as well just take a sleeping bag to my studio and stay there!!! we well should do a sleepover there some night since i am banning mysef from a social life for a while, its supposed to be haunted on both the staircases and the attic room (where i put rebeccas office lmfao) but i never felt or heard or seen nothing at all so its prob just story's

i need to get pics of what it looks like out our windows in the morning when its icy, its like theres diamonds over all the fields *_*
8th-Jan-2012 08:33 am(no subject)
hwo do you get a restraining order, do you have to talk to the cops or solicitor's or what?? i got a letter at xmas from some pricks i DONT want to talk to and i didnt want to make a big deal out of it or nothing i just ripped it up but i got another one on friday and its pissing me off now, i am totaly ok just being all like rrrrip every time but there getting delivered to the shop so obvs they know where i am, i keep creeping round my studio cos its upstairs out the way peering out windows like a nutjob looking for them on the street, i dont even want to go downstairs in the actual shop in case there in there which is fuckin stupid cos you shouldnt be intimidated in your own building?!!? its not even intimidated realy, i aint scared of them or nothing, just if i see them i WILL find something heavy and/or sharp and i WILL throw it at there head which will get ME in trouble and that aint realy fair. haha i knew there was going to be a down side to getting slightly famous :P

was it last year when i tried to do all the writers block questions but i got to may and went oh fuck it cos i got bored, well this year i actually am!!! (.......probably until about may again but lets see)

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28th-Dec-2011 10:00 pm(no subject)
haha Lindsay :D
haha omfg i cant believe how long its been since i posted last!!! i couldnt even log in for ages then by the time the fuckin site was working again it was all xmas crazy and i just aint had the chance to update properly, still i been seeing people loads so it dont realy matter. yasmin my manager dont mind working over the xmas/ny week (specialy on double pay cos i am a soft touch hahah) so i gave myself a fortnight off cos i been working like a fuckin psycho i am starting to go cross eyed. everythings ace, we got a little factory sorting some of my gear now, it aint been goign that long but its good knowing we are stockpiling stuff a little bit, takes the heat off so i can finish shit for fashion week!!! squitting myself a bit cos having a shop is different, any prick can have a shop. its just going to by my first proper grown up show since college and thats fuckin TERRIFYING even tho people were nice about my college show and everythings going brill with the shop and shoving myself in peoples faces and whatever. its feb 20th so keep it open, come and cheer me on :P (free clothes if you come, come and do some advertising :P)

so yeah, proper chillout xmas :) i even took my home sewing machines to work and locked them in my studio so i cant cave in and start working on my hols haha, sadly i wasnt smart enough to hide my sketchbooks and crayolas but oh well, i can draw in the car and stuff actualy GOING PLACES, its a bit more portable than sewing petticoats :P i have been SPOILT ROTTEN i swear to god, i know i already gushed at people but its worth saying again anyway, i got the best mates in the world!!! and Lindsay got me the fuckin biggest diamond ring you ever seen :) still no ~*~marriage~*~ but wtf i dont care, i got diamonds and saphires so cant complain ;) it use to be elizabeth taylors, it dont realy fit my fat monkey hands so i got it on a chain hanging off my dressing table mirror, i can wear it like a necklace for special ocassions. i got her script from cat on a hot tin roof too *_* PAUL NEWMANS EYES HAVE SEEN THOSE PAGES. seriously i dont know how Lindsay is still alive after xmas morning and not just some dried up little husk from getting bj'd to death for being AMAZING. my pressie to him was shit in camparison haha i felt like such a cunt!! i mean i made him this wicked suit to go danciing in but that aint special or nothing cos i make people clothes all the time you know?? i went round cambs a few times when he was at work and filled up this massive scrapbook with photos of stuff like the colleges and our grounds and stuff like places we been out walking and places he use to go when he was 18 or whatever, its nice and i think he liked it but it aint liz taylors diamonds XD oh well

anyway i have to go and dye my hair now cos my roots are fuckin hideous (BLOND fml i would rather be bald), see you at ny?? txt me if your free before then and want a gossip, i dont want to come to ldn cos its a home for the holidays deal but cambridge is nice and i can pick you up from the train station :P xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
6th-Dec-2011 10:57 pm(no subject)
space hopper!
omg i should post more but everythings been mental!! work blah blah, it aint very interesting if your not me which most people arent, obvs i think its all ace but it probs aint that much funhearing about it all the time so just checking in, everythings going ok. mega swamped though, i took on well to much so its like 25 hrs a day gettig shit done, we are just looking for another couple of minions now to help me out with the cutting and sewing so i can get on with my fashion week stuff cos its going to be my 1st real showy off look at me thing since end of college so its got to blow peoples MINDS

ummm i almost dont want to say it considering the bullshit some of you pricks COUGH LINDSAY COUGH post about him but i seen gary barlows solo concert last night ;) on my own like a big fuckin billy no mates cos it sold out so quick and i had to like groom some teenage girl on the take that forum like a creeper and make friends with her so she would give me her spare ticket insyead of give it to one of her mates, probably helped that i gave little bitch £700 for it :| seriously you cant even creep on a teenager no more without getting fleeced, i hope her mum and dad confiscate it. so yeah i was forced to spend the whoel show with like 7 15 year olds shrieking down my ears but fuck it, it was well worth it cos he done proper old tt bullshit what aint been sung since about 1994!!! like old shit album tracks they never even put out as singles, it was GENIUS!! you can tell whose a ~*~real fan~*~ haha not just some johnny come lately what dont even know the greatest band in the history of music even existed before 2006, if you dont know the words to track 11 off everything changes without having to look it up then gtfo :P he done some solo stuff too what nobody cares about haha, poor sad fat gary trying so hard and nobody cares xxxxxx only downside other than them idiot girls was olly murs :| i sat down and sulked when he was on lol. it werent THAT great i mean not compared to the massive tt tour over the summer but oh well. i take my boybands seriously, i aint missing out just cos jason aint there and nobodys shirts come off

also *DRUMROLL* rebecca aka my fave person ever got me tix for the x factor final on saturday not just one of the shows like i asked for!!! although there aint realy no point since its a fix anyway :P i wish i was more excited but coldplays the big special guests and the idea of being shut in a room with that whiny noise drilling into my ears just makes my brain bleed :| so just tryign to decide if its worth it as a business move (ie one step closer to beyonce) or not, i might not bother, idk. everythings so hard!!! i am so tired all the time, i am living off pro plus and red bull -_- its nice beign in ldn more than normal though, i like cambridge but i like it here best in the world, i dont miss that shit drive every day!! Lindsays mates are just going to have to come to us now, they never been round our flat here. we should have a xmas party, a proper grown up dinner party or soemthing and impress them cos lets be honest, my mates are happy with a box of wine and a kebab :P

SHOPPING TOMORROWWWWWWWWW its wicked being the boss, you can skive whenever you feel like it :D
27th-Nov-2011 03:02 pm - LMFAO
Lindsays been BUSTED BIG TIME and its AMAZING. i thought up til now he was just beign private about taking me out places here cos of teaching loudmouth nosy students and its none of there business who he shags, i didnt know he never even told his FRIENDS i exist :| which is total bullshit. i mean seriously its making me so mad because wtf is the problem?? i dont hurt people, i got a good career, i am housetrained, i aint a complete social retard, i know what knifes and forks your supposed to use and i know how to interact with people to make them think i am smarter than i am, i can handle myself FINE around people who are better than me or whatever certain people think the problem is which is backed up by me and Lindsay still being together right?? because he is obviously soooo much better than me in every way and i can STILL fake it good enough to still be here so i cant be THAT much of an embarressing retard, just enough of one he never bothered informing his MATES he has been living with someone for over 4 years. wah wah whine whine anyway it feels petty being butthurt about that cos it got solved SO BRILLIANTLY i almost feel sorry for him :P when one of his mates come round this morning and i opened the door in my pants and a hicky rash then Lindsay come out the bathroom dick naked. KABOOM busted!!! XDDD it was nice realy, his mates are ace and they hung round for a while so i got to know them a bit and there dead cool, just Lindsays been moping round like he has got period pains or somethign since they went so he better snap out of it soon and pay attention to me LAUGHING IN HIS FACE. last night was good too, i mean it was good getitng out the house for a change, we went to the uni michelmas party but we didnt stay that long and i never spoke to nobody cos OH YEAH they didnt know i existed!!!!! in hind sight i spose thats why Lindsay bundled me out there asap and rammed his tongue down my throat in the shadows outside where nobody could see. stupid me thinking he liked my company. wah wah anyway. i dont care realy, everythings out in the open now so fuck the details. i got work to do anyway, gonna lock myself in my sewing room for a bit.
24th-Nov-2011 08:19 pm(no subject)
everythings been going on this week!!! my colds more or less sorted itself out so i aint rudolf the red nose reindeer no more. yesterday me and rebecca drove up north to meet up with princess eugenie which was full of lulz, i aint realy meant to say nothing so lips zipped but i was dissappointed to find out she is actualy quite nice :( prob all a big front so i make her look good haha, she has got an EPIC bitchface when she dont like somethign tho so i was sketching stuff to show her some ideas and drawing yuck on purpose to make her go like >:( just cos her neanderthal thunder face is amazeing, double points cos rebecca knew i was winding her up and went all medusa eyes on me. lmao that woman <3 so yeah MEGA EXCITED about that!! then i seen sasha this afternoon which is basicaly the best thing in the universe better than any poxy fatarse princess, better gossip too ;) and i made up with tess cos she actualy bothered to tell me her bfs new theatre is for REAL PLAYS not the cabaret stuff we do at princess and i dont give a fuck if i get asked to do proper acting or not :P dead up for doing there costumes though, i want to do more films eventualy so its all good practice hey

i am reading this book on cambridge, its well boring mostly but theres some cool bits in it and some nice pictures. i think Lindsay should give me a proper tour round the town but he is always too busy or cant be arsed or whatever so i just been reading and wandering round a bit myself any time i aint been at the shop. the buildings are so cool, everythings like a fairytale castle!!! we are actualy going OUT this weekend, i dont even mind missing my harry fix :P hope its a good night, it should be cool as long as i dont embarress myself by forgetting hwo to do that social interaction thing. i aint got much practice lately :P

gonna chill out and do a hair mask and watch shit tv now, so tired i cant focus on the computer no more. hope everyones ok xxxx
20th-Nov-2011 09:23 am - Writer's Block: A sight for sore eyes
f f f fashion!
What is the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?

unexpected street photography, BAM!! hahahah seriously, look at that hobo <3 if he let me dress him up like my dolly he would be so fit cambridge would combust so prob best he drags himself through hedges first thing in the morning innit. lmao i cant beleive i am finaly shagging a teacher after all them years of trying it on with no luck with mr herrera and mr ward at my schools :P

feelign a bit better than yesterday and friday THANK YOU GOD but still mega rough, i aint so coughy no more but my voice sounds like if marianne faithfull and tom waits had a baby (omg tho imagine the music <3) and still all bunged up, gonna try to figure out where you get eucalyptus round here cos joey says its good stuff and see if i can beg Lindsay to go and find me some. i aint done NO work this weekend which i realy should, just cant get my head clear to do a good job and i woul rather be behind schedule and perfect than on time and slapdash, i can catch up a bit in the week. i am working on the xmas window display which we want to set up on dec 1, idk what i am doing with that punk marie antoinette thing i got there now though!! free to a good home i spose if you promise to wear it but i dont want it just sitting in storage cos its too good, i might just sell it but we are trying to keep proper shop stuff and mental window stuff seperate for product continuity or some shit, i werent realy paying atention cos sometimes when rebecca talks its like i can hear the sounds but my brain dont match them up with meanings in my head so its like she is just going herp derp herp derp. its size 10 but loads fo seam alowance to take it out a bit to maybe 14 at a push but none of my mates are that porky anyway :P goign up north with rebecca sometime this week (i think wed or thurs, cant remember, i dont pay atention to my own diary since i got a minon haha) cos we got a meeting with PRINCESS EUGENIE lmfaoo, she is at uni in durham or newc or something like that. i spose when your a princess people come to you. i know its a massive step down from getting a grope of the future kings junk (which totaly werent even worth it, its like a noodle trapped between 2 peas!!) but my plan is i dont turn down ANYONE even half way conected to the royal family and i act as scrapey and polite as poss and casualy slip it into convo how much i love the queen cos then maybe if enough of them go "hey granny look at my wicked dress, this guys a genius, do you want his email??" then i will get to DOLL UP THE QUEEN and my life will be complete, my grandad will be so proud he will jizz rainbows all over heaven and confuse the weather girls. imagine if i got the queen haha, no more of them nice pastel old lady suits and matching heels!! gonna put her in something AMAZING and tell her to smile more cos she use to be so beautiful *_*

me and dajve are planning to hire a cinema and make a night of it, its going to be fuckin EPIC. i want red carpets and everything!! everyone dress up like it a premiere and randoms on the street will be like omg whats going on what premiere is this?? but then it turns out its just some idiots going to see the goonies or something hahahaha

harry judd is EVERYWHERE on tv atm, its doing me in!! i was channel flicking yesterday and he was even on celeb family fortunes!!! rebeccas pulling some strings to get me strictly tix but idk when for, he best not get voted out before i go cos i will actualy have to kill myself. he has well took over dougie as my fave!! its career choice innit, even dougies pre jungle interview where he said "i am quite excited to eat an anus" dont top shirtless guyliner cuban heels harry. UNF. i go all funny and weak like some swooning georgian damsel i cant even stand up for like 5 mins after he is on. i dont even fuckin LIKE ballrom dancing its bullshit but now i want to do argentine tango lessons ;) aint even no point asking Lindsay though cos i know exactly what his face would look like if i did XD

19th-Nov-2011 07:42 am(no subject)
fml, some fucker gave me a proper bitch of a cold :( i cant breathe out my nose its totally bunged up and i keep hacking up so hard its making me retch. NICE!! just a warning. dont come near me without a hazmat suit cos these snotrags are full of the plague. i was up at like HALF FIVE cos i was coughing and i didnt want to wake Lindsay up, i been huddled under blanket's watching cartoons and feelign pathetic. still better than yesterday so hopefully its fucking off now. i dont feel like doing nothing, just watching dvds and drinking hot ribena and whingeing :( unless someones got a better offer

everyone in the world needs to watch this film <333333 doctors should prescribe this, it always makes me feel better even when i am ACTUALY DYING
14th-Nov-2011 10:23 pm(no subject)
lmfao i couldnt find lovecattt earlier and i was looking for AGES round all the places he normaly hides like the washing basket and my knitting box and whatever and i couldnt find him and i was gettign a bit like oh fuck he has run back home to london but he aint very clever so he is just going to get himself run over BUT THEN i heard this noise and foudn him here

plotting some kind of wicked scheme HAHA <3 dont ask me how he managed to shut the lid on himself!!! he is so funny i swear to god he is well too clever for a cat, obvs he is an animagus

that face omfg <3 we just put them boxes by the door cos its raining out, they are meant to go out for the organic veg delivery man so they can re use them but idk if they will be all that pleased about catbum wiped all round the inside XD tho i just been saying on im that wont do no harm to broccolli ;) couldnt make that no worse if you tried, i would rathe rim lovecattt than eat broccolli!!!

haha i was going to actualy post about somethign but now i forgot what it was cos i just love him so much its frazzled everything else <333333

you know what, i think rebecca needs a bf. any takers??? (LMFAO) but seriously i think she does cos she is so fuckin uptight about everything!! either that or i take her rabbit shopping in ann summers cos seriously she is SUCH a grump and idk what else to do, i am delightful so it cant be me what makes her so angry all the time ;) i am seriosly making a triple effort to be nice to her but she is just like :| face all the time even when i try and give her a hug hello or whatever she goes all prickly and stiff. maybe i shouldnt BOTHER i was just tryign to be nice. let me know if you know any man who wants to bang a fat angry old lady, there are some pervs out there so i know she can get lucky if she wants :P should take her to one of them special clubs and give her a whip, she will make some sad gimps day with that bitchface

umm what else. NOTHING cos my life is so exciting!!! me and Lindsay had a lazy arse sunday, it was dead nice, i made him watch billy elliot but he didnt cry so obvs he werent paying atention hard enough :P or maybe i am just a massive wuss haha, i love that film. now he is reading some shit book and i should prob be working on xmas pressies but too busy taking pics of my idiot cat. bored :/
working from home today!! i got up at 6 like normal but its so grim and cold and DARK out i just couldnt stand the idea of gettign up and driving all the way to ldn. its going to be a bit weird cos its the 1st day i aint been watching over the shop, hope the girls dont burn it down or something :P gonna make Lindsay breakfast cos i am nice like that then i aint getting out of pj's all day. i might not even do no work at all!!!! GASP. one day off wont kill nobody, i just feel all weird and lobotomised today. i like winter, just aint in the mood for it today. i want to heap blankets on and drink hot chocolate til my brain starts working again. we should DO SOMETHING, we never do nothing just sit at home at nights like hermit's, i want to do a ghost tour in town or at least go out for dinner or something. spose its hard having fun when your busy D: screw rl!!!
6th-Nov-2011 09:29 pm(no subject)
just got back to cambridge, its fucking cold tonight!!!! gonna have to start taking one of the cars cos even the rare chance to spend an hour with my todger pressed up against lindsays backside dont make sittign on the back of that bike worth it, i feel like i been carved out of ice for some posh party centrepiece D: snow soon it says on the weather so thats brill, i bet it looks ace out here in the bumhole of nowhere when its snowy *_* we just got like fields and fields all around and the river and stuff, its going to be MAGICAL. i am going to try and get Lindsay to say yes to a lamp post somewhere on the grounds so it looks like narnia but i think the probabilaty of that happening on a scale of 1 to 10 is about -739

i had a fall out with tess on friday who owns princess cos her bf she been with since last year bought this old theatre he has been doing up cos he wants to start directing shows which idk what thats got to do with being a surveyer which is his main job but whatever, they think they know what there doing so ok. anyway she said will i do costumes and i was like "and.......?" and that was it, she never even asked if i want to be in the show or nothing even though i been doing this since i was 18, rebecca says stop being a prick and she asked me cos she is being supportive of my career which thats bullshit cos i been making costumes for there since a levels and i NEVER asked for pay or nothing so saying please pip can you make loads more free shit for my new place but fuck off if you want a go on stage is supportive?? everyones a fuckin retard this week (probably not if your reading this though so no offence) anyway i said stop being such a tight arse just cos your jealous people would rather see me on stage than you and she werent very happy about that haha. the truth stings, SADLY. aint my fault i can do a corset up to 27 inches instead of about 68, i never ASKED to be good at nancying about on stage in a dress but except for when i lived in wales and france i been bringing in business for that place since 2006 so idk whats the problem now. whatever i dont even care, some of us are going places with our hard work instead of blowing it on bullshit idea's from nerd boyfriends who aint got no clue what there doing

wah wah wah self important emo tears, i am just shit at enough things i can tell when i am realy GOOD at something (even if its somethign stupid like wearing stockings and singing bring on the men in some 2nd rate bar for hen party's and old pervs) and its fuckin annoying when other people cant, i wouldnt even have time to do it anyway probably but they could of ASKED.

other than that my shops going brilliant, we been looking at small scale mass production (lol that dont seem to make sense "small scale mass production) but atm everythings one offs in the shop or making stuff on demand and rebeccas just closed the waiting list to new people cos i got more tahn enough work to take me up past christmas now. dajve this will excite you in your pants, i am drawing up designs for princess eugenie LMAO <3 doubly exciting cos she emailed ME off my website, we never even went fishing for atention or nothing. i knew she had good taste and the wedding outfit must of been a joke ;)

god its cold D: gonna fill up my hot water bottle and get in my bed, Lindsay better wear socks tonight or i aint sleeping in the same bed as him, someone elses cold feet in the night is worse than being shat on D:
29th-Oct-2011 12:03 pm(no subject)
omg i need to hire a bouncer!! gonna start shopping round for some massive butch action man what looks like vin diesel and make him wear a dead nice suit and lurk round my door way looking menacing yet sophisticated. although if there was a bouncer last night it would of meant not seeing rebecca march over like a fuckin tank in lipstick and shunt amy childs out the door. my hero!!!!!! *_* she was like "i dont think there anything here for you, mr valentines colour scheme tends to clash with dagenham orange" lmafo i love her so hard, nobody ever say anything mean about her ever again cos she is fuckin brill. thanks for coming!!! i hope it werent too boring or painful :P (LINDSAY) i had a wicked time anyway, i am chuffed to bits with it all, it was well worth all the fights and tantrums to get my chandelier and french furniture and stuff cos the place looks GENIUS even if it still makes miseryguts rebecca do disapprovy frowns all the time cos she thinsk it should look different cos all the frills is taking away from the product she says but whatever. I LIKE IT, my shop and my money (well Lindsays money) so my rules. its shut for the weekend so we can get the place cleaned up, obvs i aint doing no cleaning up but we hired a cleaning service then open for business monday!!! we got ads in all the magazines next issues so thats fuckin EXCITING, i mean i got in like vogue and cosmo and harpers already from when they reported our last year college shows but this time its like ALL MINE on a full page not just a photo and a caption, next step get in there and get paid by them for it not pay them to get in :P countdown starting now haha, i already got some bits in different places like little profiles and mini interviews and shit but JUST WAIT soon you will be fuckin sick to death of seeing my face

i got fit mates, the photos are ace <333 everythings on my fb but too lazy to tag, go and tag yourself. seriously thank you everyone who come, i feel like i hardly been seeing no one cos of being busy so its always dead good getting people together <333

ummmm not much else to say now, i feel all wrung out like a dishcloth!!!! this is like 95% when i been thinking about for so long i dont hardly know whta to do now its up and running. having a weekend off anyway, gonna go down the road and get croissants for all the corpses still asleep in my house and get the coffee on then plan is pumpkin carving then party party tonight, cant believe i am missing x factor D:tho tbf it was fuckin shit last week, i want johnny to win so hard and frankie and kitty want kicking off a bridge. missing strictly too, thank fuck we got sky+!!! harry got the 1st 10 of the series last week so everyone can fuck off about i just like him cos he is yum, he got the moves as well :P NNGH. bullshit song though, i watched it on mute :P (about 17000000004 times)


its actualy ripping big emo holes in my stomach though cos toms been in the audience EVERY WEEK but i think i only seen dougie like twice......? :/ which means like 50% of the time dougies got something better to do tahn support his bf. unless he is waiting naked in the dressing room i spose. ok crisis over, this is the version of events i am choosing to beleive. WHOOO that was close, my tin hat almost fell off!!!!

anyway blah blah hope everyones heads are ok, get some berrocca in you and everythings going to be fine!! see you later if your partyng round 2, i was going to dress up like someone in priscilla queen of the desert but i changed my mind cos wtf, obvious?? gonna make Lindsay dress up like rhett unless he is skiving off like a big bore in which case i will just like borrow someone off the street and i got this fuckin massive scarlett o'hara dress whats so big i prob wont fit through doors, SO EXCITED SO EXCITED AAHH. i kind of want to get there by tube just for the lulz of trying to cram this skirt on the train hahaha XD remember when darius campbell done that gone with the wind musical?? it was such bollocks but god he is pretty in it *_* everyone looks better in a suit tho, i wish Lindsay let me dress him up all the time and burn them mingin old dusty proffessor clothes he wears cos i never seen him look so good as he does when i dress him, he scrubs up ok!!! we are in town til tommorrow night then back to cambridge but i will be back and forth most days int he week so let me know if your free for lunch or drinks or hanging out or whatever, i ACTUALY have to work but its cool cos it aint no 9 to 5 cos i got people running the shop for me, i got my studio thign above the shop for making stuff and my sewing room in the new house so i can do it anywhere. its mostly just bum kissing and networking

haha i acidentaly wrote MOISTLY there first haha VOM D:
25th-Oct-2011 07:16 am(no subject)
i keep meaning to do a proper update but NO TIME FOR ANYTHING D: dead quick, done a thing at princess the other night and Lindsay got all posessive and glared everyone down so i had to tell them he had chronic constipation so they wouldnt think i am living with a RUDE WANKER, its nice when he gets like that when we go out tho, he wont say i love you or hold my hand in public so its the next best thing ;) been seeing people mostly at the shop cos i am basicaly living there tryign to get my stuff totaly sorted ready for my opening (LOL i keep calling it that cos it makes rebeccas face go all stormy) and dressing sasha up like a dolly, seeing dajve soon also i got at least 2 press thingys a day between now and the opening and FIVE tomorrow because media whoreing is the way to go aparently. then its all go go go and soon i will be a mega star. thats the plan anyway.

something shit: i got mugged yesterday!! and the prick never touched my iphone or wallet or £500 sunglasses or nothing, he just snatched my oyster card and run off!!! well he is welcome to it, i was on my way to top it up anyway. he must of been realy desparate to get somewhere!! o.O hope he fell on the tracks, fuckin arsehole :|

ARGH got to go! cambridge is like the other side of the world!! things should calm down soon i hope, we aint even got a chance to go out for dinner here or nothing

21st-Oct-2011 12:21 am(no subject)
knees up
omfg i suck at updateing but i been seeing people so much lately it dont hardly matter!! all the goss is happening in person even though i live int he bum hole of nowhere now, maybe this arrangement is goign to work after all ;) jones bd was ace, aparently there was FIRE but i missed it some how??? i want a replay please :P me and june was talking about my shop and come up with this genius idea SHE SHOULD WORK IN IT since everyone me and rebecca been interviewing are basicaly ugly slags or they think tehy know better than me and lol no i dont think so. its just a shop job it aint that intresting or nothing but should be ok til she finds somethign better :P its looking wicked now, all the decoratings done and all the furnitures in and we got a disco ball i pretty much had to fist fight rebecca for but like i keep saying SHE works for ME and if she dont like it then fuck off and work for someone else, she must be a total masochist haha i know she hates me but she loves me too ;) i can tell. i been out shopping with that scabby face wankstain vince (i aint insulted him in a while <333) for party clothes and stuff and we played dressing up in my clothes in the shop and took pics, hope they turn out ok cos i want some more on my walls!! i got this victorian dress form in an auction, its more beautiful tahn the world *_* so thats in the main window display atm with a dress on it like punk french revolution mash up :P which rebecca says is stupid cos it aint much like whats actualy for sale and its giving the wrong impresion but tough shit i dont just want some bullshit REAL CLOTHES in the window its got to look AMAZING which it does, i got this massive red theatre curtain over the window til opening night but i swear its going to look fuckin ACE specialy now its getting dark early, when its all lit up its wicked *_* i been making friend with my shop manager too, her names yasmin and she went to st martins (HISSSSSSS) but she didnt do fashion so i am thinking about forgiving her, she seems to know what she is doing anyway cos she done shop managing for like 8 years so fingers crossed this is all going to be ok!!! what else? sasha OBVS as if anyone ever doubted she is a superstar, i seen more of her fabulous bum lately than i seen of Lindsays cos of fitting her up in new dresses and stuff :P so chuffed for her and exciteddd, good things are happenign to good people for a change!!!!

its dead nice here, i still aint bored (yet :P) you can see the stars if its clear cos there aint much light near by so i been sleeping with the curtains open. i like stars <3 i wish i still had my old telescope what i got off my grandad, he was a star nerd and he told me all the stories and stuff but i forgot most of them i think but i still like seeing them. theres WILDLIFE and everytrhing, its mental!! lovecattt dont know what to do with himself XD so many birds flapping about the place, he aint ever hurt nothing, he is just a massive wuss and runs away, he especialy dont like the ducks in the river, he run a MILE the first time he got quacked at haha <333 Lindsay needs to give me a proper tour of his college and the town and everything but its tricky cos of us both working, hopefully i can skive off a bit once the shops up and running and we can do a proper look round, i want to start collecting mates too!! i got my london mates but its a bit of a drive just to hang out in the evenings and everyones got lifes :/ i want mates here too not like in france cos there i didnt hardly know anyone though to be fair thats partly cos i couldnt understand what they was all saying XD

nothing else is realy happening, actualy i bet something is and i just forgot like an idiot. i got a new laptop cos i dropped my old one down the stairs :( copying all my music back over now, its taking foreverrrrrrr

the welts of your scorn my love, give me more
send whips of opinon down my back, give me more

13th-Oct-2011 10:26 pm(no subject)
haha Lindsay :D
its so weird living in cambridge o.O in a good way though, you HAVE to see this house!! i werent ever that intrested in living in the country, i just want to live in london forever til i die but seriosly, this house *_* its dead quiet round here, there aint no neighbours that close by so its all private, i been exploreing the ground and its like FIELDS and shit and a river and an island, that shouldnt be your GARDEN. mental!! its dead nice though, and i know Lindsays happy :) its a bit of a pain in the ring having to drive so far every day but i dont care realy, good thing i like driving and i never got to take the cars out that much in london unless we was on day trips or something so thats good, whats the point of having a ferrari and a corvette if you dont show them off

pooping myself a bit, 2 weeks tomorrow is my launch party!! i got a bit in the sunday times culture mag next weekend the 23rd which is hilarious cos thats a posh clever peoples paper and they talk about opera and modern art and stuff haha and theres me with my pointy face and skinny jeans pretending i know what i am talking about :P it aint even worth mentioning realy, its only going to be like 2 inches of space but its better than nothing hey. rebeccas working on more but there aint much reason to be in the papers and mags unless i am FAMOUS which i am SADLY NOT (yet)

god its quiet here o.O

this place is mental seriosly, places like this shouldnt even exist

i went round the town a bit on my own yesterday cos i was going to meet Lindsay out the library but i got there too early, it still dont make no sense all the amazing old buildings in this place are basicaly CLASSROOMS. theres so many students theres got to be some kind of night life, i mean even posh swots have to party sometime right?? need to go out and explore after dark i think, aint had a chance yet cos Lindsays been dead busy with the year starting so hopefuly soon, he can take me out for dinner or something if he dont feel like disco dancing :P i just feel like i should get to know the place if this is home now cos i could walk london blindfolded and still know where i am but in town here i still need a map like a fuckin tourist

i think we need to write new house rules about when its ok to read and not, i think books should be BANNED after 9pm cos its nearly half 10 now and this bookworm i live with aint said a word to me in ages cos he is reading >:| not impressed
8th-Oct-2011 11:37 pm - Writer's Block: Freewill vs. fate
Is love destined or is it a choice?

idk, i want Lindsay to love me cos i am a source of endless delight not just cos some master plan says he has to :P haha i can say that now i am old and jaded, i use to be like blah blah destiny soulmates blah but now i grown up :P but this is still a wicked song, Lindsay is why i got my hedwig tattoo done:

x factor is fuckin brill this year, i am SO EXCITED. i mean i was going mental anyway cos of harry from mcfly on strictly and DOUGIE WAS THERE TOO IN THE AUDIENCE and seriosly idk whats going on and why them boys hug each other more than my bf hugs me which dont realy seem fair but I DONT CARE, DONT LET IT STOP. so i was like licking the screen anyway then x factor and i was convulsign on the floor with foamy mouth like i got rabies or something i cant take this much boy band goodness in one go, i litrally cannot take this *_* so yeah thats my saturday's down the pan for the rest of the year!! good thing theres 6 other days in the week :P i feel like i seen people more these last few days than for ages!!! its been ace, i need ot stop being such a fuckin loser workoholic and actualy start hanging out with people again but its been well hard work setting this shop up!!! i am glad rebeccas basicaly sorted the whole thing hahaha cos it never would of got off the ground if i was in charge

gonna try commuting starting after the weekend, how mentals that??? it was just so grim before summer when me and Lindsay was in different colleges every day living in 2 different flats in different city's and only meeting up for weekends, i aint doing that bullshit no more. i dont mind a few nights a week in ldn if i need ot be out dead early or late for somethign but i want to LIVE WITH MY BF. the house is amazing *_* its going to take like a year to finish exploreing. lots of rooms to christen ;) dont listen to him complaining about visiters, he is just a hermit miser. its my house as well and i say visits are ok and the red wall is amazing!!
5th-Oct-2011 11:37 pm - *tumbleweeds*
its dead quiet again. i mean Lindsay aint exactly river dancing round the house every night with bells on making loads of noise or nothing but i forgot how quiet it gets when he is 1000000000 miles away in cambridge :/ the house out there is so nice seriously, everyone has to come and see it. it just dont feel like home yet but then again thats probably cos i only stayed like 1 night, back in London for now cos i got a breakfast meeting tomorrow and i aint getting up at like 5am to fit in all that driving time too. lmao BREAKFAST MEETING sounds so shit and corparate!!! got to kiss the right arses though, rebecca use to work on the sunday times culture mag so she pulled some strings and i am getting like 2 inches of space in a couple of weeks like this "one to watch" type profile thing so she was like use your charm and see if you can wangle a full page. so thats the plan. it aint gonna work obvs but butter them up so they give me another go later innit. shops opening this month :) its quite small so it wont be no massive party or nothing but theres going to be free drink so if your around on friday 28th come and have a poke round. ummm should probably get on finding staff!! i know i keep saying that but nobodys been RIGHT from the people we seen already, i aint hiring some prick just for the sake of it. if i have to i will just teach rebecca how to use a till and she can put up with it for a while if she wants to keep getting paid, i been in too many shops full of wankers and i dont want mine like that :|

blah blah blah

i should probably go to bed then. ALONE. even Lovecattts in cambridge :(
What are your favorite song lyrics, and why?

i'm here in your pocket curled up in a dollar
and the chain from your watch around my neck
and i'll stay right here until its time


today was a bit of a wash out, SOMEONE went out on the razz last night and SOMEONE aint so young as he use to be and cant take his drink no more!!!! i was thinking about playing some dead loud alice cooper or something just to be a dick but i thought that aint fair realy considering how normaly he is the sensible one stayign at home and i am the one out in town all dolled up doing body shots off turkish barmen >:) i SUPPOSE he is alowed to let his hair down every now and then.......

anyway i went food shopping all on my tod like a billy no mates!! honest i am getting better at this housewife bullshit, i mean i aint taking over chef duty's full time or nothign cos Lindsays the best cook in the whole world *_* but i can just about get by, today i made sausages and mash and onion gravy and yorkshire puds and it was LUSH, we are both still alive i think so thats a good sign :P i left the gravy jug on the side after we finished and i turned my back for ONE SECOND to stack the plates in the dishwasher and when i turned back Lovecattt was jumped up there and he got his whole stupid face rammed right in the jug sucking up all the gravy dregs like the dirty fuckin theiving beast he is!!!! lmfao i laughed SO HARD i swear something popped cos i shouted his name and he got his head out dead quick and just looked at me like WHAT?! like dead casual like it werent even him but there was gravy all up his cheeks and all round the edge of his ears hahahaha <3 <3

i shoudl post about fashion week realy but it was a bit meh, it werent that much fun. i mean obvs the company was ace <3 people i know off here and meeting up with people i aint seen since college and blagging in to like 4 party's i never got invited to and HAHA GETTIGN MY PICTURE IN HELLO MAGAZINE at one of them, busted!!! XD god that was so funny, rebecca was livid!!! all publicity is good publicity though i told her and she softened up a bit like an old biscuit. the whole thing was swarming with geldofs though, i swear every fuckin time i turned round there was one of them with there moody brat faces just standing there getting in the way wearing some godawful baggy orange tshirt or whatever, i NEARLY got in a fight with her cos she was all up in my space acting like she was part of the furniture or something and shouldnt have to move if someone wanted to get past her but i wouldnt want the rspca on my case for kicking a dog in so i left it. i swear though when i get my own shit up and running it will be a geldof and jamie winston free zone, honest to god i will get posters printed and hire bouncers specialy for that purpose. highlight of my life though was seeing beyonce up close, there was angel choirs and everythign *__* nnnghh. i mean i hate most of what there putting out but WHO CARES, SHE IS OTHERWISE FLAWLESS. it was mostly just a bit depressing though, i know i can do better than half the wankers getting there arses licked by everyone but i am just in this funny limbo place atm :/ i done some wicked stuff on my own and everythings going good etc etc etc blah blah (still working on getting more gear on x factor but no news yet!!!! PLEASE GOD i just want to measure gary barlows inseam, is that too much to ask) but i want my place finished up so i can properly push it. it should only be about a week or so now, idk when exactly but rebeccas there like 24/7 breathing down there necks so i reckon they will be dead on whatever her schedule is :P got to start planning a proper opening party and got to start HIRING STAFF!!! we seen a few people but the pretty ones are bitches and the smart ones are mingers and i aint sure whats the best way to swing

haha Lindsays fell asleep in front of the tv like a proper old fart, i might put some comfy slippers on him and a pipe in his mouth and a crochet blanket and take blackmail photo's
17th-Sep-2011 07:55 pm(no subject)
knees up
bbc news is just about crawling up st martins arse!!! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-14911987 proper bumlick write up. obvs i am just moody cos i went to lcf and we got like 1 measly mention :P just wait til next year, i will have MY OWN fuckin show and they will all be trampling each others feet to write about me. them tosspots in the comments are getting on my nerves too, there all like whose even gonna wear that stuff in public anyway?? THAT IS NOT THE POINT FFS, you got clothes what people are meant to wear and thats one thing but also clothes what people aint ever meant to wear exept for photoshoots and shows, i wouldnt expect all you lot what helped out with my last show to ACTUALY WEAR IT ALL out down sainsburys or nothing!! like BITS of its ok like a jacket or whatever but all toghether it dont always work and it aint even supposed to, its liek a fantasy world or something and its spoilt if people try and make it work in rl. wtf do they know anyway :| it makes me so mad when people say that shit, like well done on totaly missing the whole point of my art you fuckin PLEB. its why i want to do more films eventualy hahaha like fantasy and sci fi and omg COSTUME DRAMAS *_* cos then no fucker would be like yeah madame de pompadours dress is nice but whose going to wear that out in the high street, NOBODY YOU PRICK!!!! NOBODYS MEANT TO!!! rebeccas dead snotty about it too but she cant say nothing cos i done loads of actual stuff to wear for my shop which even she cant knock down cos its ACE but also this mad shit for the window display, she thinks thats a waste of time cos nobodys going to buy it but 1) so what you stupid heifer and 2) i bet they do.

anyway i got some invites to some stuff cos stupid heifer or not she is still pretty good at her job :P but i am planning to sneak into as many shows and party's as poss!!! come with if your man enough, ping me or txt and we can syncronise watches or whatever you do, i BET we can talk into some good stuff!! ladies please wear low cut tops to help the cause PREFERABLY MADE BY ME :P
knees up
i been clearing out my bedroom a bit cos its a fucking tip, i got like 17 billion old magazines for recycling but i keep finding stuff i forgot about what i will NEVER EVER EVER throw away EVER, i mean i would save some of these mags before Lovecattt if there was a fire

this is why

straight guys and lesbos dont even bother clicking cos you wont understandCollapse )

i still cant work out when tom got fit!!! poor danny though, he is the only minger now :P

ummmm so basicaly thats all i done with my day, i think its time well spent
15th-Sep-2011 09:16 pm(no subject)
pen tash!!!
once i had a thing for a captains lovely ring that shone like a jewel in the nighty OH!

in other news you all fuckin better cross your fingers for me cos i was arguing with rebecca as usual and somehow we did this pact where we are goign to play cards and if i win she has to come to princess and watch the cabaret show and if she wins i have to stop calling her ugly and tyring to make her wear nice clothes. idk what her problem is seriously, like wanting your staff to look nice is a crime!!!! i dont know what game but i am quite optimistic, Lindsay is like a GENIUS at poker and all that shit so i can get lessons and if i get to choose the game i will choose snap so i got an excuse to slap her then even if i dont win i wont care. what a cow!!!

my shops looking good, well upstairs is anyway!! we thought we should sort the place form the attic working down cos then there wont be no workmen tromping dust and shit all through the nice bits, we got some storage space upstairs now and rebeccas office and the whole 2nd floor is studio space for me to work in now cos tbh thats the important thing, having a shop aint much good if theres nothing to fill it up with right?? they are laying the new floorboards this week which is making me go starry eyes cos its so nice *_* then FURNITURE TIME. lmao all the rejects Lindsay dont want in our new house are going in my shop :P i got an actual georgian sofa in an antique shop but it was all mingin and falling apart so i got it re upholstered in hot pink velvet hahaha, but i might put it in the dressing room at princess instead thats how fab it is

wah wah wah my life is so not intresting for anyone else exept me. i am trying to be round a bit more now the busy is easing up a bit, i miss everyone!!! xxxxx
10th-Sep-2011 06:26 pm(no subject)


like i just told vic i have barricaded myself in my bedroom with haribos and pizza and drink cos this is going to be AMAZING, already he is wearing a skin tight turquoise sequinned shirt!!! *__* i dont even watch this normaly cos bruce forsyth fuckin does my head in but i seen him in the advert by accident so obvs i am in this til the end <3 HOPEFULLY dougies going to be in the audience somewhere, my wank hand is ready. everyone is welcome to join me (i wasnt kididng about the wank hand but i promise i will be done before you get here) long as you dont mind getting glared at by the northern tosspots doing there poker night or whatever the fuck there all about or meet up in town later if anyones out? txt me, i will be heading out to meet some mates anyway after this and dr who and x factor, SATURDAY WIN xxxxxx

wtf is tess daly wearing though, my eyes are burning!!!!! D:
8th-Sep-2011 12:02 am - Writer's Block: Blast to the past
If you could travel back in time, what would you tell your 10-year-old self?

eat your greens you fuckin little weed. sleep over at your grandads house more cos he wont be round much longer. hit back, dont just run and hide, scratch there eyes out and they will probably stop. people what use "you look like a girl" as an insult are stupid sexist fucks, stop trying to impress them cos they aint even worth it. start bracing yourself for how fuckin brilliant june 16th 1999 is going to be, backstreet boys at earls court!!! keep your piano lessons up, you will regret it in 10 years if you skive off now, and you should pay atention at school too and people might take you seriously and not laugh there tits off when you say your going to uni. things are going to be a bit rubbish but your used to that, just wait til 2007 though. thats a good year. chin up, phil. one day you will own a ferrari.

today i mostly been eyeing up the carpenters fixing the staircases in my shop ;) hnnnngh. i think i made htem uncomfortable hahaha, they are proper BLOKE!!! type blokes and aint realy that ok with me lurking round swooning onto chaises in my platforms and eyeliner when they are working but you know what, tough shit cos its my shop and i am paying there wages innit. anyway i aint leaving them to it, i seen them programms on telly about shifty workmen conning innocent members of the public!! no way, not me, i am keeping my eye on them ALL especialy the fit one with the biceps and the arse

i started designing rebeccas uniforms i am going to make her wear if she wants to keep on working for me *DOOM CHORDS* its going oooooook sort of, i mean its going to be fuckin hard work trying to make that tank look like a lady but i thought if i can do this then i can do ANYTHING and my future career will be a breeze :P she acts like she aint so happy about it but actualy i bet she is a BIT pleased, the poor old girl must be crying inside for someone to do a clueless on her but she is too stubborn to ask!!! if she would just let me at her top lip with a wax strip i think i could die happy cos seriously tom selleck aint a good look for nobody not even tom selleck. she just gets this frosty death look on her face tho when i mention it :( she gets all like MISTER VALENTINE, MY JOB IS TO MANAGE YOUR DIARY EFFICIENTLY, I AM NOT A BARBIE DOLL then i fuckin laughed my tits off at her thinking she could ever be a barbie and she got so mad i thought she might hulk smash me through the wall or somethign but she just goes dead narrow eyes and thin lips when she gets cross but that just makes me lol more cos its so funny. she is such a trunchbull i swear, she is dead easy to wind up. seriously though to be fair she is ace at running my life and i wouldnt of got this far without her but i will NOT have birkenstocks in my shop and that is just the END. gonna start interviewing people soon but i need to get the place in shape first. excited :DDDDDDDD its so BORING waiting for it all to get sorted out, i just want to wave a fairy wand at it so its perfect and i can just get going. working at home til its ready, i cant even hardly get in my bedroom no more cos its just full of clothes and stuff, it dont realy matter cos i sleep in Lindsays anyway but i aint hardly got no room to work no more!!! need to drag my sweing machine out in the living room or something, thats like a fuckin ballroom so wont run out of space there and the lights good from all them massive windows anyway

might do a night at princess on saturday, depends. Lindsays mates are pricks, i dont want to be in the hosue with them tbh but i will be the bigger man and get on with them if i have to even though they hate me. i can still watch x factor in the dressing rooms then :P

sleepytime xxxxxxx
23rd-Aug-2011 10:47 pm(no subject)
omg seriously i am still in recovery from this poo i done yesterday morning, i swear that fucker went the whole legnth of my intestin from hole to appendix and snagged on ALL the corners on the way out!!!! i need to go to girls labour breathign lessons in case it happens again DDD: it was horrible, i never even ate more than normal or done anything what could explain it, it was just a RANDOM MONSTER POO. i took a photo obvs which i think i might txt to people as part of arguements so watch out if me and you ever fight :P

ummm i only just got rid of rebecca, we been going over shop stuff for HOURS. she is sorting out ads for recruiting staff and she randomly said osmething the other day about a manager and i was like wtf are you on about its MY SHOP i dont want no pushy twat getting in my way having opinions and stuff and she gave me this frosty look like she thinks i am a RETARD and she was like mister valentine if you want to be a shop assistant then go ahead. she is such a bitch sometimes!!! amnyway so we are looking for a manager now cos fair enough, genius artists liek me need to focus on getting the goods out :P if anyone wants a job rebecca THINKS she is in charge but she keeps forgetting SHE works for ME and i get the final say, my rules are 1) no mingers and 2) everyone working for me has to wear my clothes EVEN HER else its sacking time. let me know ;)

the grudge 2 is on tv, why do they screw with proper horror films!!!!
20th-Aug-2011 09:08 pm(no subject)
YES its that time of year again where my saturday night social life does a total nose dive

~*~X FACTOR~*~


tbh its been going down hill for me these last few years BUT 1) its hard to break a habit and 2) GARY BARLOW HAS TOOK OVER FROM SIMON COWELL which ok lets be honest he is a fuckin BORE with that drony yuck rochdale voice but it might increase the probobilaty of the rest of take that being on later so sad so say i am just about crawling inside the telly. if anyones doing something ace one saturday whats good enough in your opinion to lure me away then go for it but it will have to be GOOD :P

busy busy week, i got some of my photography work done for the shop so just waiting for the massive size prints now of all the studio stuff then doing on location pics in (idk) fields and shit next week, rebeccas sorting locations so aint realy sure whats going on. i said i want some on a grim freezing cold stormy beach somewhere so hope she finds somewhere good!!!! road trip to scotland anyone?? ;)

i have rationed myself HALF AN HOUR a day on this website otherwise i wont get nothing done exept wanking which is NICE but not when you got a shit ton of work to do http://fuckyeahjasonorange.tumblr.com *__* it hsould be jason on x factor instead but to be fair he dont know fuck all about music, he cant even sing :P

idk what quixotic means but i never used that mood before so now i am
13th-Aug-2011 10:32 am - you make this all go away
haha Lindsay :D
me and Lindsay done a runner for his birthday, he didnt want no fuss or nothign so we just went away and stayed in his old house in wales for a bit, there aint no internet there cos nobody lives there most of the time no more and cos i am CLEVER i forgot my phone charger so i couldnt go online much anyway cos i wanted to save the battery. it felt dead weird being back, it werent bad or nothing just weird cos so much is different now from what it use to be. when we lived there that was before Lindsay got so sick and nearly died from blood poisoning so that werent much fun remembering. and when we lived there i was still in the stupid tabloids for coming back from the dead cos nobody thought i was still alive after i got kidnapped so when we lived there for a while people use to point and stare and ask for my autograph on daily mails and shit which ok i always wanted to be famous but that werent the same thing, it was horrible. it weren tbeing famous for doing nothign good it was just people gawping like they was at a zoo or whatever so i didnt go out the house much til it all blowed over, people get bored quick enough and move on so thats good at least. anyway yeah. it was weird but its a nice house, we was right up this massive cliff looking out over the sea and this is the view out my bedroom window and its got nice memory's too like mine and Lindsays first time was there ;) so obvs had to roll round on the bed til he got the message and helped me do a historical re enactment cos that was like 4 years ago!!! idk it was just nice overall. i aint got no energy or time for a proper holiday, they just stress me out anyway. i just like being at home with my bf and llandudno was home for AGES so yeah it was nice being back even if its like 10000000 miles away from everywhere else in the fuckin country!! we went for a drive for a couple of days and went to bradford and keighley so Lindsay coule show me where he grew up cos i said i wanted to know cos we live in london and he sees all the time where i grew up but i never realy been to yorkshire i dont think exept i been out clubbing in leeds one time cos theres a drag club there tess was going to buy and i had to check it out, i was on a mission like a spy but it werent actualy very nice exept the part where i got a blowie in the loos from a bloke what looked like joseph fines, hhhhhnnngh. anyway yeah that was realy cool too even though its dead funny imaginging if Lindsays dad never sold there place when he was a kid and moved them to llandudno he would of been a FARMER lmfao!!!! to be fair he would prob be ok at milking cows, its like a hj on some udders aint it and i can verify his technique is spot on :P other than that we mostly just been laying round the house doing fuck all and its been dead nice, i said i wouldnt do no work while we was away but i did a little bit cos i get figety hands and i need to DO SOMETHING all the time so i been knitting some stuff, some stripy socks and a nice lambs wool dark orange cardi idk who for and it dont match nothing else i been making so i cant put it in my shop i just seen the wool and felt like making something with it. Lindsays been taching me how to cook :) i made a fuckin GENIUS beef wellington!!!! nothing like being thrown in the deep end hahaha. ok he did all the hard stuff but i helped. i made a cake as well but it sunk int he middle cos i opened the oven door too early but it was ok i just filled the crater with butter cream :P proper domestic!!! we are like an old married couple without the bling cos he is too tight to give me a nice diamond. also i am only 23 so not old :P where as he is like 57. well ok 38 so that aint old neither realy. 38 is a good age for him, he has never ever looked this fit *_* yeah i am still gaga mental over him. its been dead funny remembering when me and him first got together he use to be dead repressed and shit and he wouldnt say i love you or even be very nice to me or nothing and now its like he is this soppy bastard what cuddles me in his sleep and leaves "lindsay 4 valentine" wrote on the fridge in magnestic letters so i see it when i wake up then he pretends it werent him but it was :) i love him loads, i know this aint exactly a news flash or nothing but i do, i never been so happy in my whole life like i am now :) i dont even mind all the shit parts what happened before and when i was a kid and stuff cos its made up for now

all them wankers nicking plasma telly's and shit on the news need to get a life :| i got dead upset cos seeing all the familar places was horrible but nobody i personaly know got hurt or whatever so theres that at least, i am glad i werent in town to see it all. i mean nobody would riot in holland park anyway unless like the local organic food shop run out of alfalfa or tofu or something then there would be trouble so we would of been safe at home anyway but its all round where i grew up and all my mates lived and where we hung out and stuff. hope everyones ok on here, i aint spoke to nobody in ages!!! back in london now so ping or txt or whatever when your free if you want to get lunch or somethign cos SOON we will be moving to cambridge!!! Lindsays face is like this constantly :DDDDD i aint so totaly convinced its going to be the most amazing brilliant place ever in the whole world but it dont matter, i got my shop in town so i will be here all the time ANYWAY and theres loads of room for people to visit, you can just get a train out from waterloo i think. Lindsay says i can get a bike so just need to find the right one then i can start getting lessons, tbh i mostly just want to be able to take my helmet off and shake my hair out in slow mo like some girl in a shampoo ad as the driver for a change instead of the passenger cos that will be genius XD but yeah it will be good for gettign to the shops and stuff cos we are a few miles out from the town. i aint getting rid of my cars though EVER it would be like abandoning your children :/

haha long boring rambly post

hope everyones ok and your windows are still intact x
31st-Jul-2011 07:44 pm(no subject)
knees up
Lindsays weeing himself a little bit about this house in cambridge, its hilarious!! i never seen him all happy about nothing before, i mean NORMAL PEOPLE get happy about seeign a band you like or finding dolce and gabbana aviators worth like £500 on the tube (FUCK NO i didnt hand them in, learn to look after your shit!! actualy if anyone wants them let me know cos they look like arse on me) but he is all like twirly eyed and cheerful all the time which aint normal, i dont think i been annoying him AT ALL lately cos he is just in this good mood!!! must try harder ;) also he prob wont mention it cos when your like pushing pension age you hide birthdays a bit dont you?? its his birthday NEXT WEEKEND idk about plans or whatever, he aint a party person realy. just mentionign it in case he dont

ummm nothing is going on much, just like waiting round for Lindsays precious hosue and my shop to get sorted out, i keep seeing furniture and stuff i want but i put this ban on myself DONT BUY NOTHING til it can go in!!! its going to be good when i got a proper place to work instead of just dropping pins all over the place at home for kitty to step on :/ i got some comissions i been working on, 2 z list soap "stars" which should get in hello and ok at least so cant complain even though they are permatanned munters what cant act, also rebeccas neice is getting married and she works as a buyer for harrods so BOOM instant connections, i never made a wedding dress before!!! she seems quite cool, we met up a couple of times to draw some idea's, she is dead into finding new designers so thats ace, imagine someone COULD have vera wang but DOESNT. smell the aproaching fame in the air, mmmmmmmmmm. i got a whole shops worth of new gear to make as well but taking it easy for now sort of, we got enough to fuss about already plus i want a BIT of a holiday after working my backside off even if its only a couple of weeks

i feel liek i aint seen people in forever and a day!!! the party was ace though, always good all getting together - hope your getting on ok in the colony's guys :P rebeccas like slapping me round the face with my diary tryign to make me get my shit together so i prob should, we got a photographer and studio time lined up cos i want some MASSIVE arty farty portraits on the walls in my place, we are going to use some of the stuff from my college show too but if you want to come and play dress up for a while whether you was in the show or not let me know cos i would rather have my mates all round me than some total strangers from an agency, your all ok looking so it should work :P

i seen hp7 7 times now and thats a nice number, i should prob stop there until the dvd comes out. yesterday i got lumos and nox tattood one on each arm so you can read it from the back just above my elbows. PLEASED but omfg it stung like a bitch worse than anything, idk if thats a sensitive place or what but so glad it didnt take too long!! i am starting to run out of skin :( i mean i still am going to fill all the gaps on my arms and have word sleeves like my grandad but thats all got to flow together, not much space for new stuff i mean i got my legs i spose but they are so fuckin furry, i dont mind deforesting my arms but drag queen or not i aint keeping my legs permenently fuzz free unless Lindsay suddenly gets some weird kind of kink for it :P i still want to get W tattood one on each bum cheek so it says WOW when i bend over but again not sure Lindsay will be 100% about that one XD

i have got such a boner for this guy it aint even funny :/ wanking over kids tv = low point of my grubby life
16th-Jul-2011 11:11 am(no subject)
please can we talk about neville longbottom??

because for like a week now i been trying to find words and i cant, i seen the film twice and i still cant @_@

10th-Jul-2011 04:48 pm(no subject)
LOL at all them stalkers waiting in the rain for a week to see the hp premiere, i went down like 2 hours before it all started and elbowed my way to the front, thats like a whole week i been doing OTHER SHIT and i STILL got just as good a view as anyone haha :P my elbows are razor sharp, i am like a bodybuilder or something exept i trained myself elbowing through crowds of howling girls at boyband concerts since i was like SIX when i first seen take that. well i spose i can tell my secret now even though i already told everyone i spoke to since yesterday, i made tonks a dress!!! cos she or her agent (idk rebecca set it up) seen my sa thing and rebeccas got my portfolio stuff online now so its getting some atention, (i been saying no thank you to most people cos i want to get myself all set up before i take on any more work plus mostly its been like z listers so far haha and i want to be mcqueen not primark but i would of done anyone from hp even some total nobody extra cos then it would mean EMMA WATSON MIGHT SEE MY DRESS - ps she looked like one of them lace dollies you get to cover your spare bog rolls!) stupid bitch worn it with cowboy boots though which OBVS i like cowboy boots more than most people but ffs WHAT ARE YOU DOING?? so not talking to her no more and i told rebecca them pictures aint going on my website not even over my dead rotting body, she can fuck herself basicaly. wtf!! anyway so thats that, i started reading them books on my own and now the whole thing got finished on my own, no offence if your a hp fan and all butthurt cos i didnt say lets meet up or whatever but i didnt want nobody there, i feel all weird about it!! i been reading them books since i was NINE, thats over half my life and now its finished :( well almost, i aint actualy seen it yet. lets go in costume, whose in?? ;) (LINDSAY???)

ramble ramble ramble my shop!!Collapse )

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