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Living With Terminal Stockholm Syndrome: A Chronicle


Valentina Parnassus
2 March
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now if youve lost your inheritance
and all youve left is common sense
and youre not too picky about the crowd you keep
or the mattress where you sleep
behind every window, behind every door
the apple has gone but theres always the core
and the seeds will sprout up right through the floor
down there in the reeperbahn

~tom waits

i'm studying fashion at london college of fashion and i use to be a hairdresser!! i live in holland park with my boyfriend lindsay and our furry child lovecattt and sometimes my name is ophelia but you have to be on the guest list at the princess club in soho if you want to know more :*
1970s bubblegum pop, 1980s, 1990s, adam ant, aerosmith, al pacino, alcopops, alexander mcqueen, alice in wonderland, antony and the johnsons, armstrong and miller, art, bass, beats, being filthy fuckin rich, blur, bonnie & clyde, brian eno, britpop, bryan ferry, cars, cartoons, chicks on speed, clubs, convertibles, dali, dancing, david bowie, david lachapelle, depeche mode, dinosaur comics, disco, disney, divine comedy, donna summer, driving, electro, fairytales, fancy dress parties, fashion, ferrari 360 spider, football, fridge magnet letters, futurama, gangster films, gary numan, gene kelly, glam rock, glitter, gossip, guns, guns n' roses, haribo, harry bums dougie, hats, hawksley workman, hedwig and the angry inch, high school musical (ironicaly), horror films, isabella blow, jaguar xkr, janis joplin, jewellery, jim morrison, junk food, knitting (aint just for girls), kraftwerk, ladytron, lindsay, lollies, london, lou reed, lovecattt, make up, malibu and coke, marc almond, marc bolan, mashups, mcfly, mick ronson, millais, mint royale, miyazaki, monty python, mr bollo, muse, music, narwhals, nick cave, nu rave, painting, paul newman, peaches, picasso, pj harvey, placebo, porsche 911 carrera, portraits, pre-raphaelite, pulp, queen, queer as folk, rave, renaissance, robert de niro, robert redford, robots in disguise, rock & roll, rossetti, roxy music, scott walker, sex, shite pop music, singing, skinny jeans, smoking, soft cell, south park, sparks, spinal tap, still crazy, strange fruit, t.rex, take that, tarantino, tattoos, terry gilliam, the cure, the doors, the human league, the kinks, the nightmare before christmas, the postal service, the simpsons, the smiths, the sting, the strays, the sweet, tim burton, titian, tom waits, tshirthell.com, unicorns, velvet underground, vivienne westwood, waterhouse, weebl and bob, west ham united, x factor, zombies